Google Nexus 4

Screenshot feature on Nexus 4

One of the features I’ve long waited for on Android devices is the ability to easily and quickly take screenshots. There are ways of enabling this with some apps but those generally require you to have root access. On my Nexus 4, that was one of the first features I looked for and it still didn’t exist. Or does it…. While […]

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Jeep logo

Jeep clubs, forums and communities

As a Jeep newbie and someone who seems to have minimal talent for most mechanical things (sigh…) I rely heavily on the various Jeep forums and communities. There are lots of people out there who are extremely willing to help and have valuable experience. Here’s my list of Jeep clubs, forums and communities. This list […]

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Motorcycle charity rides

Motorcycling offers an incredible freedom that’s almost impossible to achieve in any other way. Because of that, charity rides are hugely popular with motorcyclists. This list is created with a service called “” which lets people collaboratively build lists. Those lists can then be embeded in your own blog and will grow as more people contribute to […]

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Old plugs and wires

New plugs and wires

I gave the Jeep some new plugs and wires today, and wow did it ever need them! Surprisingly, the plugs came out fairly easily. I was almost positive that they’d all be no problem except for the last one that would be frozen into the block, but even that one didn’t give me any problems. […]

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1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ

The new toy: 1995 Jeep Wrangler YJ

Ever since I took a Jeep out for a test drive in high school, I’ve wanted one. Now I’ve got one and the fun begins. I haven’t quite decided what I’ll do with it yet. I’m torn between keeping it as stock as possible and having some fun with it. I probably won’t go too […]

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2011 Canmore Highland Games

We spent today at the Canmore Highland Games this weekend, which provided plenty of entertainment and beautiful weather (for once!). Canmore is an amazing place to attend the games, especially the massed pipe bands that wrap up the event. The surrounding mountains provide an impressive visual backdrop but also enhance the sound of the massed […]

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2011 Calgary Highland Games

Pipers, drummers, dancers and vikings! This year’s Calgary Highland Games was fantastic! This was the largest Calgary games we’ve been to so far, and while moving the location much further away mean for a longer drive, the extra space allowed for much more entertainment. View my 2011 Calgary Highland Games photostream.

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Brass recumbent

Brass bikes sculptures

Calgary artist Luke Lukasewich has a couple of great bike sculptures on display and for sale. The bikes are made from recycled BMX parts and a brass bed frame. You can check them out at the AXIS Contemporary Art gallery.

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Being too visible on your bike?

Being highly visible when riding is one way to help make sure you don’t get hit by a driver. There’s “Oh, a cyclist” visible and then there’s “visible to the point of making sure everyone who sees you feels kinda sick” visible…

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