Calgary Pathway Clearing

I received a memo in the mail a couple of days ago, regarding the clearning of snow from Calgary pathways.

While the City currently clears some sections of pathway, there are still hundreds of kms of pathway that don’t get cleared, resulting in hard packed, rough ice, making commuting (or walking / running) quite dangerous.

There are also short sections of pathway that run between houses that connect roadway to pathways. While homeowners are not under any legal obligation to clear these sections, it would nice if they would do it from time to time. (None of the ones on my route do…) Hopefully, this will be addressed in the future.

Regardless, it sounds like there’s some progress being made on plans to clear City pathways!

Community Services & Protective Services
2005 February 22
Re: Snow Clearing on Pathways

By Council approval, Parks currently clear 46km of the 550km pathway system. With the opening of new LRT stations and increasing interest in commuting in the winter, the City has had significant increases in the number of requests for snow clearing on our pathway system.

To address these issues on the pathways and also issues related to walkway clearing, Community Services will be working with Transportation to prepare a long-term strategy for pathway/walkway snow clearing. This strategy will examine roles and responsibilities, clearing priorities, commuter versus recreational needs, and operation effectiveness across the various work units involved in snow clearing. This long-term strategy is expected to come forward to Council in June.

In the meantime, Community Services will transfer some funds from our overall maintenance budget to address the specific concerns that have been identified below:

  • Pathway connections to all LRT stations.
  • Lindsay Park lateral pathways.
  • Vista Heights pathway from Deerfoot Trail east to Barlow Trail.
  • Nose Hill Drive pathway from Crowfoot Centre north to Country Hills Blvd.
  • Elbow River Pathway from Sandy Beach Park south past Rockyview Hospital to Eagle Ridge Drive.
  • Confederation Park, 14 St NW west to Canmore Road.
  • 37 St SW from Anderson Rd north to South Glenmore Park.
  • Ranchlands regional pathway along Ranchlands Blvd and Ranchero Drive.

We look forward to bringing forward a comprehensive strategy in the spring, which will formally address all aspects of walkway and pathway clearing.

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