Yahoo Music Yoohoo…

Yahoo just launched their beta online music store — Music Unlimited — which is undercutting the competition.

Their prices are pretty good (about $7/month, $70/year, or $0.79 for single song downloads) and music selection isn’t bad, either.  I found a number of songs I’ve haven’t been able to find on iTunes or RealNetworks.

However… When I tried to play their music videos, I got a popup / error page that stated, "Macintosh users must use Netscape v4.7 to view videos."  Netscape v4.7? Are you kidding me?

Forcing customers to use an (extremely) outdated browser to access content doesn’t seem like a good way to win customers. It’s also rather contradictory to this statement they issued: "We are committed to being at the forefront of the rapidly growing online music segment," said Lloyd Braun, head of the Yahoo Media Group.

Um… Sure… Guess I’ll be sticking with iTunes.

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