Save your life with a little .ICE

Most people I know carry a cell phone with them when cycling — especially if they’re out on the road or in the backcountry by themselves. (Which is never a good thing to do…)

Recently, an initiative called “ICE” – In Case of Emergency – was launched by Bob Brotchie, a paramedic in the UK. This initiative has been adopted by emergency response teams around the world.

The concept is very simple:

  • On your cell phone, create a new phone number entry called “.ICE” (Make sure you include the period — that should make the entry show up at the top of your list.
  • Enter the phone number(s) for your emergency contacts — spouse, parent, friend, etc.  If you can, include their name after the .ICE  (eg. .ICE – Bob, or .ICE – Sally) You should also let them know you’re using them as a contact.

That’s about it…  In the event that you’re in an accident and knocked unconcious, emergency responders, police or hospital staff can quickly and easily reach your emergency contacts.

Read the full article on the City of Calgary website.
See the .ICE web site.
If you’ve heard this initiative is a hoax, check out Snope’s hoax website.

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