Road bike to winter bike

The crappy (winter) weather has arrived early this year, and my road bike has been lovingly tucked in and put away for the year.

It’s always a bit of a shock going from the road bike to the winter mountain bike, and even though I know there’s a difference, I always forget exactly:

a) how much heavier the mountain bike is,
b) how much slower the mountain bike is, and
c) how much more work it is to ride on fat knobbies

Then, of course there’s the change in weather. It’s harder to ride in the cold because:

a) the extra clothing weighs more, which adds to point a) above,
b) colder temperatures mean the air is denser, so it’s harder to move through it, and
c) it just plain sucks riding in crappy cold weather.

So why do I ride year ’round and through the winter?

a) I’m stubborn,
b) it’s cheaper, faster, healthier and less stress full than driving or taking transit, and
c) riding through the crispy early morning frost and coasting through the fog spilling up out of the river is a fantastic way to start the day.

And every now and then, I sneak downstairs, snuggle up to the road bike and it give it a goodnight kiss.

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