Boeshield T9 lubricant for bike chains

Yay! There’s finally a local source for Boeshield T9 — a metal lubricant and protector developed by Boeing for airplane parts.

While I don’t really have room in the driveway for an airplane, I do have a number of bikes. T9 works extremely well as a long lasting and multi-weather lubricant for bike chains.

According to the Boeshield folks, “Road cyclists can get about 300+ miles (500Km) per application.  In wet weather riding reapply after half that distance.  For off road riding reapply after one quarter that distance, more frequently if conditions require.  For best performance, ‘apply tonight, ride tomorrow’. ”

Lee Valley now carries the Boeshield T9 in both a bottle and aerosol can.  The bottles are great, as they don’t take up much room in your pack, and a little goes a long way.

I’m looking forward to trying this lubricant in the winter, as Boeing states the T9 lubricant excels in damp environments.

For more info, visit the Boeshield Canada site, or Lee Valley Tools’ site.

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