World’s thinnest wallet

This review is kind of a weird one… I’m not really sure if this should be a Gear Review or a Design review, which is why it’s going to appear in both categories. 🙂

As a gadget / tool / thingamajigie nut, I always oogle cool looking wallets with neat features (tiny pens, small knifes or screwdrivers, lots of pockets, etc.) This time, however, I took the “simple is better” approach and bought an ALL-ETT, “the world’s thinnest wallet”.

Even after transferring everything I had in my previous wallet, the ALL-ETT is still thinner than the now-empty old one. It’s also significantly more comfortable, and the simple design makes it very easy to organize and access cards and cash.

I have to admit, when I opened the (very thin) envelope it arrived it, my first impression was, “ewww…” After a few days, however, I came to appreciate its simplicity and comfort. Now, I can’t imagine carrying around a big bulky wallet.

Right now, I have 15 cards in it, several receipts and (as usual) no cash. With all of that, it measures in at just under 1/4″ thick. My old wallet was easily pushing 3/4″ thick.

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