Google’s sidewiki lets you add your comments to any webpage

Google announced a new toolbar add-on a couple of days ago called Sidewiki that allows you to add your own comments to any webpage.

This new feature displays submitted comments in a sidebar next to the actual page. This isn’t an entirely new idea — a similar concept that used PostIt-Note-like overlays was tried several years ago by another company, but met with outrage and ultimately failure.

Of course, this failed attempt was well before the viral adoption of social networking. Today, the concept of group collaboration and multiple minds generating content is accepted and embraced by millions, as is the ability to provide product or service feedback.

The ability to add this feedback directly on any website, however, will be interesting, as disgruntled consumers happily post their frustrations right next to the product or service that is being marketed to others.

To read more, see the official Google Blog post.

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