Rogers proves yet again they don’t have a clue

Sigh… When will Roger’s “get it”? From both the technical and customer service perspective they simply do not seem to understand the Android market or their customer base.

Rogers Help DeskA few weeks ago I returned my HTC Magic to Rogers under warrantee because it was constantly crashing and freezing. The phone I was given in exchange for my phone was a refurbished one. Naturally, my first thought was, “Oh… a used phone.” I can’t think of any other product I’ve returned under warrantee that was replaced by a used one. Regardless of the OS problems I had with my original phone, it was physically well looked after. Maybe this replacement one was, too, but being given a used phone didn’t leave me with an overly positive experience.

Anyway, over the next few days I spent several hours re-downloading everything, re-configuring everything and setting the phone up the way my previous one was arranged.

All was good.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday, I tried to email a photo I took with my phone. (I know, a crazy idea… and apparently not something to try with the old and outdated version of the OS on the Rogers Android phones.) It broke something somewhere and my phone’s connection to the Gmail server was cut.

I couldn’t send any emails from the phone; I couldn’t receive any emails on the phone. Trying to send an email resulted in a little red “Sending…” message which never went away. I tried deleting the message in my inbox and in my outbox. Didn’t work. I tried killing the application and the process and restarting. Didn’t work. I tried a soft restart – battery out and restarting the phone. Didn’t work. The little red “Sending…” would not go away and emails would not send or receive.

So, I did some Googling and found it’s a common problem in the old 1.5 version of Android. Hmmmm.

I connected to Rogers Live Technical Support and after a few back and forwards was told the only fix was to do a complete factory reset to re-establish the connection to the Google mail servers. A factory reset means all your applications get deleted, all your settings and configurations are deleted and your phone is essentially returned to its “out of the box” state. I’d be back to where I was a few weeks ago, spending hours rebuilding my phone. Again.

I was not a happy customer…

I decided to do some more Googling and found a solution that literally took a few seconds and successfully fixed the problem. It didn’t involve deleting any apps, it didn’t involve doing a factory reset and it didn’t involve hours and hours of reconfiguration.

The simple fix was to clear a couple of Gmail’s caches on the phone. That was it…

Why Rogers wouldn’t have this solution for such a known issue in their knowledge base was rather baffling. The way they considered resetting my phone and starting from scratch again ‘no big deal’ was very frustrating.

Some solutions can’t be implemented because there are technical limitations. Some things are simply common sense and good customer service. There’s no reason for Rogers customers not to have a more current version of the Android OS on their phones. Other carriers have provided regular upgrades on exactly the same hardware. There are custom ROMs available that people have installed which are working fine (although voiding the phone’s warrantee.) There’s certainly no reason for Rogers not to have solutions to common problems in their support knowledge base and absolutely no reason or excuse for providing the low quality service and support to their customers.

Will they ever “get it”? We can always hope…

The sad fact that Rogers STILL hasn’t upgraded the OS on their Android phones gave birth to a great site ( which has generated some good media attention and awareness. However, what’s sadder yet is that the site was created as an attempt to get the 1.6 upgrade (released Sept 09) for Rogers customers, and since then there have been numerous OS upgrades:
• 1.6 – Sept. 2009
• 2.0 – Oct. 2009
• 2.1 – Jan. 2010
• 2.2 – May 2010
• 3.0 – tentatively scheduled for October 2010

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2 Responses to Rogers proves yet again they don’t have a clue

  1. Greg July 13, 2010 at 9:21 am #


    I feel for you. Definitely agree with you on their support with anything Android.

    On a good/bad note, my Magic disappeared a month ago or so, and I ended up getting a Nexus One instead of another Magic, now running Froyo (2.2). Still with Rogers for the plan, but paid less for a much better phone. Not the best out there, but I like it. And I haven’t tried Google’s service yet.

    Lol, maybe it’s my phone that you have 🙂 From what I understood, Rogers has no way to track the phone, even if it physically comes back to them. Sounds strange. I know the account is by SIM, but they must know the serial # that they sold me… C’est la vie. Expensive lesson. At least I had remote lock/wipe S/W installed.

  2. Jon April 11, 2011 at 2:11 pm #

    I guess it’s not only the phones that Rogers has trouble with……I purchased a ‘Rogers stick’ for internet connecting. Now I have no complaint with the way it works, but for some reason it is selective when sending e-mail. I cannot use my Rogers e-mail to send to Australia….my mail gets returned….and Rogers Technical doesn’t have a clue why.!! They blame the other server….Yahoo….my friends computer….or my computer……. regardless of the fact that I can send e-mails to a dozen addresses with np trouble at all…
    I am tempted to find another Internet Provider and Rogers can go blow it out of their ******


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