2013 Highland Games

Another year of Highland Games is now over for us, and we attended the Foothills, Calgary and Canmore games this year.

The Calgary games celebrated their 100th anniversary but because the vendors and other booths were all tucked away inside a building this time, the games seemed smaller than usual.

“The Vikings” (Sons of Fenrir) were back again and are always a popular part of the games. The viking village featured some of their crafts and handiwork while other more energetic village members are busy fighting it out nearby.

A local Lego group also attended again, and kids and adults were busy oogling the fantastic landscape they created, complete with castle, village, forrest and invading vikings. There was even a zombie thrown in for good measure.

Here are a few photos from the various games. A larger collection of photos for the Calgary games and Canmore games are on Flickr.



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