Who am I?

I’m a guy who’s been involved in web stuff since ’92. (Remember when every background was grey?) However, if you include BBSing on a C=64 over a 300 bps USR modem as “being on the net,” I’ve been involved since the early 80’s. Woo hoo — ASCII art!

I bike to work year-round, although I tend to wimp out a bit when the temperatures hit around -25C / -13 F. Riding to and from work each day lets me log about 600 – 800 km / month. Riding that distance for several years has let me literally ride around the world just by cycling to work.

I also enjoy having a bit more power on a bike than what my legs can crank out sometimes, so that’s achieved with my Honda Shadow Phantom.

And last of all, my ’95 Jeep Wrangler makes sure I’ve always got a couple of banged-up knuckles, greasy hands, a long list of “got-to-fix/upgrade” and a big smile on my face.

I’ve also lived in many different countries around the world, and have experienced many different cultures.

What do I do?

Most of my time is spent in front of a computer or in meetings. I’m the Tech Lead for the Web Operations team at a major North American energy company. When I’m not at work, I do the odd bit of freelance work from time to time, mostly in WordPress.

What are my interests?

Oh…. where to start?! I’m a bit of an “information addict” as I’m curious about pretty much everything. But, to narrow it down a bit — Internet culture, social media and networking, web design, usability and interaction design, industrial design, information design, architecture (especially “green design” and energy-efficient homes), data visualization, board games, cooking, cycling, woodwork, reading, being outdoors, hiking, snowshoeing, movies (horror, psychological thrillers, historical epics and biographies), music (very wide range of tastes) and on and on…

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