Spinning in wooden circles

Turning wood on a lathe has to be one of the most fulfilling things you can do when working with wood. You can see the results quickly, you can easily turn different shapes, the sound and the feel of the chisels cutting through the wood have a rhythm unto themselves and you don’t have to […]

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Luxury outhouse

Don’t laugh… This 300+ lb palatial retreat, featuring an oak toilet seat, oak toilet paper holder and iron hardware was impressive. Built at the request of a good friend, it even survived being (unintentionally) launched out of the back of my pickup truck along the highway at over 120 km/hr. The only damage was some […]

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Cycling in Calgary, AB

The City of Calgary has dubbed Calgary a bike-friendly city, with bikes permitted on most roads. There is an amazing pathway system shared by cyclists, walkers, runners and rollerbladers. Calgary’s multi-use pathways have a speed limit of 20 kms/hr, unless posted otherwise, and for the most part, all the different users of the pathways co-habitate […]

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Hope chest for a niece

There’s nothing quite like the pride of completing a woodwork project and having all the drawers fit or the doors line up. (One of these days I’ll get there!) This was a hope chest I built for my oldest niece as a graduation present. Now there are six more nieces to build for, and then […]

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