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Google Nexus 4

Screenshot feature on Nexus 4

One of the features I’ve long waited for on Android devices is the ability to easily and quickly take screenshots. There are ways of enabling this with some apps but those generally require you to have root access. On my Nexus 4, that was one of the first features I looked for and it still didn’t exist. Or does it…. While […]

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Reset Google / Gmail password on an Android phone

You would think this would be something that was easy to do… I did a “year-end password change” on one of my Google accounts and so the next step was to change the password on my Android phone so that my account would sync correctly. I must have looked through every single menu and settings […]

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Rogers Help Desk

Rogers proves yet again they don’t have a clue

Sigh… When will Roger’s “get it”? From both the technical and customer service perspective they simply do not seem to understand the Android market or their customer base. A few weeks ago I returned my HTC Magic to Rogers under warrantee because it was constantly crashing and freezing. The phone I was given in exchange […]

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Rogers FAIL!

Rogers falls further and further behind

This is almost becoming farcical… Google’s Froyo 2.2 OS for Android devices is making its way into the hands of customers, yet Rogers is still forcing their customers to use the now very-out-of-date 1.5 OS. If you compare Roger’s handling of this to Kobo’s handling of some of their customer complaints it’s like night and […]

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