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Brass recumbent

Brass bikes sculptures

Calgary artist Luke Lukasewich has a couple of great bike sculptures on display and for sale. The bikes are made from recycled BMX parts and a brass bed frame. You can check them out at the AXIS Contemporary Art gallery. (more…)

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Hold Steady with rack

MEC Hold Steady review

Well, it’s been about three months since I bought my MEC Hold Steady so it’s time for a review. My route is a combination of pathway and roads, flats and hills, and at this time of year means riding on some roads covered in winter gravel. It also means that on my rides I’m alternatively […]

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MEC Hold Steady bike

MEC Hold Steady

I added a new bike to the collection today — an MEC Hold Steady. This will be an interesting ride as I’ve never ridden with an internally-geared hub before. Once I’ve put it through a few hundred kilometers I’ll write up a review and post it.

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Hacking the Kona to be a better commuter

When I bought a Kona Dew Plus late last year as a cheapy backup commuting bike, I didn’t plan on making any changes to it. Then, something strange happened – the Kona started to become my daily ride. The cheapest, ugliest bike I’ve ever bought became my (almost) favourite bike. It’s the perfect commuter bike […]

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Danny and the Demoncycle

Teaching kids how to ride a bike is easy, but how many parents teach their kids how to ride safely? There are plenty of websites that provide good safety information for parents to pass along, but none of them are as creepy as the one produced by the Highway Safety Division of Virginia in 1972. […]

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Do-it-yourself bike knickers

I’ve been looking around for a while for a good pair of cycling knickers (quit laughing…) but the ones I’ve found are either: Not something I would ever wear without also wearing a mask… Really expensive Just not what I’m looking for (not enough pockets, etc.) However, I came across a great post on easily […]

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Attaching a camera to your bike

Capturing good photos or video while riding your bike can be a bit tricky, not to mention potentially hazardous to your health. However, fastening a small camera to your bike can be as easy as attaching it to a small tripod that’s strapped to your handlebars. The small Gorillapod is a quick and easy way of wrapping […]

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Dangerous new pathway by Heritage Park

A few weeks ago, the permanent new pathway section by Heritage Park was put in place. Early in the construction of the new buildings at Heritage Park, the old pathway was torn up and a number of temporary pathway sections were put in and taken out as construction progressed. The old pathway was good. It […]

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The perfect brush for cleaning your bike

Where do old toothbrushes go when they die at our house? Down to my workshop and into my bike-cleaning arsenal. However, there’s a new “special brush” in my collection now. While toothbrushes are great for scrubbing the smaller, fiddly areas on a bike, even the “hard” brushes aren’t really up to scrubbing off months of […]

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