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Hold Steady with rack

MEC Hold Steady review

Well, it’s been about three months since I bought my MEC Hold Steady so it’s time for a review. My route is a combination of pathway and roads, flats and hills, and at this time of year means riding on some roads covered in winter gravel. It also means that on my rides I’m alternatively […]

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Hacking the Kona to be a better commuter

When I bought a Kona Dew Plus late last year as a cheapy backup commuting bike, I didn’t plan on making any changes to it. Then, something strange happened – the Kona started to become my daily ride. The cheapest, ugliest bike I’ve ever bought became my (almost) favourite bike. It’s the perfect commuter bike […]

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Invisible Riders

From Bicycling Magazine, some cyclists don’t ride for fun, fitness or camaraderie. They ride to stay alive, earn money, and support their families. Read the story.

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Alderman improves cycling infrastructure in Calgary

One of Calgary’s newly elected aldermen has already made significant improvements to the city’s support for cycling commuters. Brian Pincott, alderman for ward 11, also a year-round bicycle commuter, recently introduced a motion at a city council meeting to raise the priority level for snow removal from bike lanes. The motion was passed unanimously. To […]

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