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How to remove a wheel with a Shimano internal hub

A few minutes ago I had to pull the rear wheel of my MEC Hold Steady bike. This was the first time I’d removed the rear wheel, which has a Shimano Nexus internal hub on it. For rear wheels with derailleurs, removing the rear wheel is a matter of seconds — pop the quick release […]

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Hold Steady with rack

MEC Hold Steady review

Well, it’s been about three months since I bought my MEC Hold Steady so it’s time for a review. My route is a combination of pathway and roads, flats and hills, and at this time of year means riding on some roads covered in winter gravel. It also means that on my rides I’m alternatively […]

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MEC Hold Steady bike

MEC Hold Steady

I added a new bike to the collection today — an MEC Hold Steady. This will be an interesting ride as I’ve never ridden with an internally-geared hub before. Once I’ve put it through a few hundred kilometers I’ll write up a review and post it.

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