Rogers falls further and further behind

Rogers FAIL!This is almost becoming farcical…

Google’s Froyo 2.2 OS for Android devices is making its way into the hands of customers, yet Rogers is still forcing their customers to use the now very-out-of-date 1.5 OS.

If you compare Roger’s handling of this to Kobo’s handling of some of their customer complaints it’s like night and day — complete opposites. Kobo has been very responsive, and has committed to a June 28 rollout of a firmware / OS upgrade to address their issues. That’s just two months after their initial rollout.

Kobo also has a very public presence acknowledging there were issues with how they launched the product and acknowledging that there are some confusing things with their e-readers. I realize there’s a difference in the scope, impact and risk between the two products, but Rogers is treating their customers as if the OS updates are a joke or insignificant issue. They clearly don’t understand that these are not just “telephones”. They are productivity and collaboration devices that are dependent upon their support for the applications that run on these mobile computing platforms.

Can you imagine buying a laptop from a store and having them prevent you from upgrading the OS? We’d still all be running DOS or Mac OS 7.1 if that was the case… When I bought my Magic I specifically asked the Rogers salesperson to confirm that all OS upgrades would be provided in a timely manner. They said yes. I realize the salesperson was probably selling shoes or popcorn the week before and that “timely manner” might be open to interpretation but it’s been over a year and there have been NO upgrades to the OS. I’m still on the original OS that came with the phone at launch… And now with the release of 2.2 we’re even further behind. Key applications and functionality (like Google Goggles, full Google Maps features) for my phone DO NOT WORK because 1.5 doesn’t support them.

I’m not sure whether there’s cause for a class-action lawsuit against Rogers, but they certainly deserve the proverbial smack to their collective executive heads for the way they’re treating their customers.

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